Born and raised in Reno, Nevada.

Reno High School.

University of Nevada Reno.

United States Navy.

Automobile racing - National records. National championship.                         Undefeated  seasons.  Racing Instruction.                 .                       Owned & raced the World's Fastest Corvette.   .        

Worked in the corporate environment.

Left to explore the world of Real Estate Sales and teaching      .                         Real Estate Investment at College level.

Taught and studied photography.  Still active. HUGE portfolio.

Opportunity knocked [actually I did the knocking!] and went back  .                   into the corporate world for an amazing and rewarding                adventure and many great friends!

Number one salesperson at AT&T.

Noted public speaker.

Internationally acclaimed photographer & multi-media producer.

Three children.

Six grandchildren.

Currently lives in San Diego County, California. 

Wonderful wife who loves to go to Disneyland with me!

​​“Making a difference in the lives of those that I do business with.”